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FuzeX : A Revolution

Fuzex: Review

The Ultimate All-in-One—credit, debit, rewards, and cryptocurrencies—Smart e-Card for all of your payment needs. 


 Make spending all forms of currency (fiat, rewards, cryptocurrency) both user and merchant friendly. You open your wallet and there they are: BTC, ETH, DASH, NEO, SALT etc. So nice to own, but so difficult to spend.

The real-world usability problems associated with cryptocurrencies have encouraged a number of companies to tackle this challenge. This particular challenge is a worthy cause as real-world usability is a major hurdle in establishing cryptocurrency’s legitimacy as a reliable and widely adoptable form of payment. Many of the contenders in this space have approached this problem with prepaid card solutions. While a logical approach, use cases can be limited to just a few types of cryptocurrencies and acceptance limited to a few number of merchant, thus, hampering adoption. FuzeX is looking beyond. FuzeX seeks to deliver innovative user experience as well as solve the cryptocurrency acceptance problem by introducing the FuzeX Ecosystem.

FuzeX Ecosystem:

Drawing from the experience and expertise in having already successfully developed, brought to market, and sold and shipped 30,000+ Fuze Cards (magnetic stripe and barcode enabled)—the smart e-card that enables users to embed up to 30 credit, debit, or rewards cards in one, the FuzeX Card will in addition offer multi-cryptocurrency accounts.

-Store and manage and use up to 30 credit, debit, rewards, and cryptocurrency accounts

-Built-in buttons to power on/off, enter pin codes, make selections, and authorize payments on the card itself

-E-Paper Display to view: balances across accounts, barcode for rewards card scan, and QR codes for blockchain addresses 

-EMV (IC Chip) for multi-cryptocurrency payments -NFC for credit and debit card payments

 -Barcode for rewards payments

 -QR Code for cryptocurrency wallet address for P2P transfers -Bluetooth connection between FuzeX Card and FuzeX Wallet to ensure security

 -Remote Wipe Technology to clear data from the FuzeX Card if card is lost -Battery life between 45~60 days on one charge

Additionally, the FuzeX Card can pair with the FuzeX Wallet to function as hard wallet storage of private keys. Fragmented private keys are encrypted and stored between the FuzeX Card and FuzeX Wallet. The private keys are only accessible by unlocking the FuzeX Card (via pin on card) and FuzeX Wallet (via account password) for two-factor authentications, thus, protecting the security of private keys and permitting mobility and ease of use.

FuzeX Wallet: 

The FuzeX Exchange is the core mechanism bringing world-wide cryptocurrency adoption to reality. Our goal is such that users spend cryptocurrency on their FuzeX Card, as they do on a regular card, and merchants receive fiat currency (USD, Euro, Yen, any local currency) as they currently do. In fact, besides the eye-catching futuristic looking card, merchants should not know the difference. We accomplish this by accepting the cryptocurrencies FuzeX Card Users use in our FuzeX Exchange and release the respective fiat currency to the merchant based on the market exchange rate.

Visit Fuzex: https://www.fuzex.co

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