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Providence- is a revolutionary casino

Providence- is a revolutionary casino

Good afternoon, dear readers and guests of my blog, I want to talk about a very interesting, newest and, I would say, a revolutionary project — it’s Providence! For this link, you can go to the official website of the project https://www.providence.casino/
This is a unique project for which no one will compete.
because it’s the first in the world to be a real physical casino that will work exclusively with cryptology! In addition to the casino, the residence has a luxurious hotel that can satisfy all the needs of its customers, an unsurpassed restaurant and incredible terrace, rooms of the luxury classroom — all this and more you can meet at the resort with Providence.
Let’s talk more about the main direction of the project — the casino. Gambling and casinos in general have a long history and are of great popularity and in our time, this industry is definitely a good choice for the Providence team. To date, the popularity is gaining the term “online — casino”,
in which you can play your favorite game yourself or with friends even without leaving home, it should also be noted that in the Internet you can find a casino that accepts payment for a cryptographic currency. What to say, according to research, the popularity of Internet casinos has grown in a short time (5 years) six times. This is convenient, practical,
but you agree with me to get those feelings, emotions and get into the true neutral environment of the classic casino you will not be able to sit by a personal computer or mobile gadget. This is confirmed by statistics, 88% of players come in offline casinos, where they can spend their time with friends, drink a favorite drink, etc.
This “trump card” holds the Providence project in its own hand, because only here you can pay all services exclusively by cryptography: to exchange for game chips, pay for the room, restaurant, alcohol and other services provided by the residence.
As you see, the main amount falls on casual casinos, this will undoubtedly play a huge positive role in the fate of the project.
An important detail is the platform on which the casino will work, it will be performed by all the familiar and favorite blockchain system. And this is again plus Providence, because players will get the full safety of all their actions,
and will ensure the transparency of all transitions.

Details of ICO and Pre-ICO

Providance will use the PVE token
Do not miss the opportunity to purchase these tokens at an attractive price during the Pre-ICO run, which started 4 and lasts until October 18, 2017. So you can get 810 PVE tokens at a price of 1 Ethereum, while the price of the main ICO for the same The amount you receive will be only 600 tokens,
as for me a good opportunity to use, especially since such consent will no longer be.
The main ICO will be launched in November this year.
For the period of major sales, the team set a target of 114,000 ETHs

Distribution of tokens

51% — the total amount of tokens that will be put up for sale;
-31% — casino fund;
-10% — the amount to be distributed among the founders, employees and project partners;
-4% — Bounty campaign;
-4% — marketing and promotion.
As for me, a very interesting project, which is definitely worth paying attention, will follow and share the news with you in the future.
We wish the team success in conducting ICO!
Alternatively, you can personally assist the Providence team by taking part in the project’s bowing campaign. I leave you contacts for a detailed acquaintance:
Official website: https://www.providence.casino/
Whitepaper: https://www.providence.casino/Providence-Whitepaper-Version-1_3.pdf
Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2185207

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