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Proof : Easily create your own blockchain-based tokens, trade them, or buy from others

Decentralized Cryptocurrency and Fiat Money Exchange

Proof Suite is developing a decentralized banking system where users can exchange fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies and vice versa. Converting from one currency to the other takes less than 10 seconds and the exchange rates are automatically calculated from the live prices retrieved from over 20 different exchanges.

Peer-to-peer Investment Platform

The proof dashboard allows users to tokenize everything. From assets like properties and lands to contracts and art works, everything and anything can be ‘tokenized’ through the Proof dashboard. By ‘tokenize’ we are referring to the process of creating tokens based on the Ethereum (or the Proof) Blockchain. The dashboard allows users to create tokens easily with its user-friendly interface.

The Crowd is the Sole Regulator

Proof Suite has invented the Assurance Market Protocol (AMP) which is basically a decentralized and improved version of its existing dashboard. In this decentralized platform, the crowd is the only regulator. All ‘tokenized’ assets are reviewed and rated according to the ‘predication and insurance market’ system. This means users can review and rate a tokenized asset on the platform according to its potentials – is it risky? is it guaranteed? is it a scam? is it legitimate? – based on these reviews and ratings, users are provided with better investment certainties and confidence towards their investment decisions. The crowd is the sole regulator.

Censorship is so 2000 and late

We live in a pretty free world. At least, that is what we want to believe. Growing Government & Bank regulations and innocent people losing their hard earned money because of the mistakes of a few were the exact reasons why Satoshi Nakamoto created ‘Bitcoin’ and the ‘Blockchain technology’ in the first place. More and more Governments around the world are trying to regulate the Cryptocurrency industry. Through Proof Suite’s AMP, no Government or banks can ever interfere with your investment decisions. It is built on an open-source code base and powered by the Blockchain technology. It is in simple words, censorship-resistant.

$1.7M Pre-sale & TaaS (Tokens-as-a-Service)

Proof Suite’s token pre-sale ended successfully with over $1.7 million USD raised throughout a period of 1 month (August – September). During this period, TaaS (Tokens-as-a-Service) contributed 884 ETH (equivalent to $260,000 USD).
Proof will be a game-changer in traditional investing. We believe their new platform will be indispensable to investors worldwide,” said Ruslan Gavrilyuk, co-founder and President of TaaS.

Public Token Sale

Proof Suite’s public token sale begins on November 1st for a period of one month. They are considering to raise over $25 million USD through the public token sale. You can learn more about Proof Suite’s token sale here

Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=288496

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