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BitClave The Latest Cryptocurrency Technology To Display ADS

BitClave The Latest Cryptocurrency Technology To Display ADS

BitClave The Latest Cryptocurrency Technology To Display ADS

Visitors to the internet don't get a dime for their online activities. It's not fair! Large companies that work on the global network offer us many services, as we see free of charge: E-mail, communication, free search. But it turns out that the users are bringing money to these network monsters, just to go over the links. The giants of the Internet industry have hundreds of thousands of American dollars from the advertisers. Users don't get anything. That is, the usual actions taken by millions of Internet users bring income to third-party people. But the visitors to the global network don't think about it. They think they should be, and that's why they're comfortable with it. Although typical eskimoers, commenting on different topics where the user can understand is a kind of advertisement. Owners of social receive money from the addressee, but users who have unconsciously participated in the advertisement do not have anything. Moreover, networking can also take money from their visitors for the services they provide.

In the area of surfing, the situation has not changed. All potential customers who are looking for a global network, a specific item is forwarded to someone who has paid a certain amount for that redirection. I mean, the man is "sold" as a customer. For example, someone who is interested in the implementation of bicycles for children, on a particular site, places their ads on what beautiful bikes they have. The user searches the internet for such bicycles. For whoever is going to buy a bicycle and an advertiser that implements these bikes, as they say, find each other, the money is received by those who created the search engine. That, to put it mildly, is not fair.

How do I resolve this issue?

The creators of the Bitclave focus on such injustice and are going to "return the global network into the hands of ordinary people". This project is a completely new layer of protection for confidential information on the network. We claim that this information belongs to Internet visitors, like any of their property. And if anyone uses it, the owner has the right to receive the share. Bitclave actually helps you find exactly what you need on the Web. and also to provide him with some compensation directly from the advertisers, for his personal information was used. For all we know, internet visitors are free to act. Why does someone have an income, and the owner of the information doesn't get anything? Our search engine is decentralized. It operates on the most secure and reliable database known to date. It is a Blockchain platform that can fully protect the user's personal information.

Introduction of blockchain into the modern internet

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that is being introduced into all aspects of our lives. It concerns both trade relations and the social sphere. The implementation process cannot be slowed down because it is innovative in nature. Search for products on the global network, prospective work, communication in social, real estate operations all of this concerns blockchain.

Blockchain Search Engine Bitclave

Blockchain is associated with privacy and strong protection of personal data. The team, the professional programmers, have set themselves the task of integrating this innovation technology into search engines in the global network. This was a bitclave, perfect search engine, and a prime example of better protection of sensitive information on the web. Our collective is convinced that private information is the property of the user, and that it is the only person who has the right to dispose of it at its own discretion. Companies that profit from the use of a network visitor's personal information must share it. It's like using your personal vehicle.

What is the meaning of Bitclave 

The search engine for finding the right products and services on the network is decentralized. Our team is not going to charge for this. On the contrary, users will receive money for providing their sensitive data.

The new search engine is destroying tradition

Previously, large search engines received a significant income, using information that someone needed something. They shared it with those who posted advertisements online. Thus, advertisers quickly found potential buyers. Our system is acting differently. Without a user's permission, no one can use his or her confidential information and know what he is looking for online. By allowing someone to learn about it, the owner of the personal information can count on a certain amount of income.

Consumer activity token (CAT)

A network visitor can make your information available to others, or may restrict access by becoming a searcher. The person who opens the access is the CAT tokens operating within the system. They provide the opportunity for the user to open virtual markets. These tokens are listed on Kriptobirzhah. That is, our system is also introducing into the masses the elements of the digital economy, except the rewards for the owner of the information.

Reliable personal Data protection is now a luxury

Any one of us needs to make sure that he's behind it, nobody's watching. The feeling that your data belongs exclusively to you, gives you real peace. Even if a person on the internet is searching for legitimate products, it is still better that no one can use his confidential information.

Search and Ads feature in our search engine

When a person finds a child bicycle using a regular search engine, he is sure that this is the best choice. But that is far from the case. Search engines often provide the most convenient options for which they earn their income. This approach is not an option. The user is not asked what he wants or what is most optimized. Our search engine Bitclave works on the principle that we need to find the kind of item that the user really needs. We don't offer a paid jeans.


You've been thinking for a long time to change your old car. Now you have the money and you can afford it. Then start our search engine and it will help you find the car you've been dreaming about all your life. You provide information, and the autodealers next to you will see it. Maybe they'll find you and offer to buy a car. Even if you don't make the purchase, you'll still have the CAT tokens that our system will give you.

Initial coin offering (.ico) form to attract investment in our project

We're going to release CAT tokens in a limited amount. There will be no more than two billion. Besides, you can only buy half. The token sales have already completed. At this point, we're going to run Initial coin offering. Potential investors will be able to invest, in mid-October, the cost of a CAT token would be 7 cents.

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