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Global Metrology Project : The progress is just around the corner

Global Metrology Project review

A variety of blockchain projects, even from areas far from the crypto-industry, are entering the fundraising stage. One of them is the Global Metrology Project — a metrology cluster. It has already launched Pre-ICO, so the company’s tokens are available for purchase.

General description

The Global Metrology Project (GMP) is a platform, designed to organize a system of innovative clusters and metrology centers. It is planned the network will include 200 centers opened in 70 countries around the world. In these organizations, scientists will work to perform certain projects. Each center will be responsible for generating large financial flows.
In the GMP interests field there are the following branches:

Renewable energy;
Artificial Intelligence;
Quantum computing, etc.

In such a way it is planned to create an international community, that will unite scientists, working on solving specific problems. To solve a certain task a cluster of specialists will be formed to work on it. As a result, a “pipeline of innovative developments” will be created, which, according to the authors of the idea, will be able to change the world.

Technological side

The Global Metrology Project is implemented due to the use of a blockchain. Thanks to this system, a unified network for the scientists interaction around the globe will be created. At the same time, all centers will become strategic partners, working on testing, standardization and changes in the above-mentioned fields of human activity.
According to the team calculations, the interaction of the GMP centers will be performed involving approximately 200,000 organizations. It is assumed the average annual system turnover at the very beginning of its work will be about 500–600 million dollars.
For system workflow convenience the GMP token is developed. Its goal is to encourage users to perform calculations on more favorable terms. At the same time, the system itself acts as an exchange regulator controlling the volatility of GMP tokens through the creation of its supply and demand.

Due to this, platform has the following advantages:

  • Control over the token cost;
  • Minimization of risks (protection of toe-holders from asset depreciation);
  • The planning and forecasting possibility.The team
  • Sergey Maltsev, the founder and ideological inspirer, philanthropist, investor & businessman;
  • Igor Vasiliev, the co-founder;
  • Alexander Voronin, the top manager;
  • Nikolay Golub,the top manager.

In the development of the concept are involved:
The team has another 6 people, each of them is a professional in their field.

What is ready

The implementation of the idea began with the laboratory equipment acquisition in 2015, and also obtaining the license and the necessary certificates. The pilot project was successfully tested in 2016, which allowed the team to proceed further scaling.

What will the money be spent on:

With the help of money, received from investors, the team plans to open clusters around the globe. For example, within the 2018–2020 period it is planned to open 86 centers on the Russian territory, and the next two years — in Europe. During the 2022–2028 period new clusters will be opened in Asia.
At the Pre-ICO stage, 30,000,000 system tokens will be put up for sale. Taking to consideration the information on the start-up site, it is difficult to understand whether there is any Bounty program for early investors.

Our assessment

The Global Metrology Project idea is very ambitious. Especially considering the promised profit at the start of the project. To implement such an idea, it is not necessary to use such modern technologies, as artificial intelligence (AI) and other. But GM itself has chosen AI as one of the research directions. Therefore, if the start-up succeeds as planned, it can positively affect not only the development of this technology, but also stimulate the overall development of our civilization.

Despite that the implementation seems to be quite easy, it takes a lot of money and time to create such a cluster system. It is not clear how the centers will interact with each other, whether they will be able to assist each other in case there will be any problems.

More information can be found on the project website www.gmp.im

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