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Chronologic: The First Proof of Time Token on Ethereum Blockchain

ChronoLogic: Review


ChronoLogic plans to implement its innovative blockchain technology within finance, eCommerce, transportation and other sectors requiring any concept of time and complex math. The ChronoLogic development team intends to introduce a unique platform called Chronos which will be a separate blockchain built around time and its features. It will also allow users to launch their own proof-of-time tokens for use in real life businesses.


The ChronoLogic team is introducing innovations and has chosen to gamify them. The number of addresses that turn into ‘TimeMints,’ (producing additional DAY based on their ChronoPower) is capped at 3,333 TimeMints. ChronoPower is a unique daily interest rate assigned to each TimeMint. It ranges from 0.5% to 1% per day.


The DAY token is an ERC20 token created on the Ethereum blockchain. It also marks ChronoLogic’s implementation of the Proof-of-Time concept on the popular cryptocurrency blockchain.
In the next stage, the ChronoLogic project will be building its own platform — Chronos to allow the creation and launch of additional Proof of Time tokens. Once the platform introduces the new token potentially on a different blockchain, ChronoLogic will enable the transfer of older DAY tokens to the new native tokens. In the near future, ChronoLogic has plans to enable & support the launch of multiple DAY token powered and Proof of Time based blockchain projects through Chronos.
The ChronoLogic team is comprised of a Goldman Sachs alumni and a rising tech superstar who has been featured in Forbes 30 under 30. They intend to fill the gap between the theoretical use of the blockchain and actual real-world applications. This will help overcome the issues faced by the cryptocurrency market during the past 12 months due to Bitcoin network congestion and scalability issues, and certain mathematical & time-based limitations of Ethereum.


The team has positioned themselves in a way that they all work together and function equally without any titles. This is done to eliminate what they call “key-man” risk (e.g. the title “CEO” leaves and the project loses perceived value). 

Their listed experience is as follows:

Deven SoniLinkedinDeven is a former Goldman Sachs, Lazard, and Highland Capital investment banker and principal investor in charge of deploying over $300M of capital. He is currently general partner at Wired Investors in charge of the Crypto Private Equity strategy and implementing Proof-of-Time.

Eric Weiss
Eric is bringing along the backing of an entire digital strategies team to ChronoLogic. He and his team are the blockchain Proof-of-Time concept originators and he is a pre-ICO EOS equity investor. Eric is also a Crypto Private Equity investor and advisor to Polymath, a Blockchain security token platform currently in stealth mode.

Jovar Gaylan

Jovar is a mathematician and computer scientist and the architect of the future Proof-of-Time Chronos platform. He has co-founded multiple software startups including VideoRemix, a video personalization B2B platform.

Lee Pennington

Lee is a serial SaaS entrepreneur, private equity investor, and crypto-marketing expert who will be managing outreach, PR, Slack, and live crypto-webinars for the team.

Toshendra Sharma
LinkedinToshendra is a Forbes 30 under 30 member and founder of Allchains, a Blockchain-as-a-Service company. He is a well-known instructor and speaker in the Blockchain space, having taught more than 11,000 students worldwide across 145+ countries.

Social Media

Slack: https://chronologic.network/slack

Medium: https://blog.chronologic.network/


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