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ZONTO: Single App for interacting with the Digital World Review

ZONTO: Review

Blocking and developing Crypto currencies have a significant impact on people's understanding of social groups, networks and things within. At this time, a number of projects are offering ICO's ICOs.

Today the focus of our concern is the social SMART ZONTO network project. True, calling these social networking services, we are looking for a virtual environment for everyone. What is the innovative core of the ZONTO project?

Developed ZONTO architecture
It is assumed that they will gently integrate into the network and logically lined up with respect for each other. Thus, the user selects his own "chain" and connects the blocks necessary for himself.

Microeconomics EXAMPLE
Nothing new in ZONTO suggests using internal tokens for non-attendance calculations. Coins of the same name will be entitled to the entity of the network, by the way, we are already registered in beta, everything is really so. Got 500 ZONTO on account. A referral program will work, which will help you populate your network byken by attracting new users.

ZONTO messenger

A built-in chat network that plans to breed social roles and, thus, C2C, B2C, B2B communication types. For those who do not know the meaning of these terms: consumer to consumer, business to consumer, business to business.

Wallet with ample opportunity

This system will integrate the electronic wallet of AdVcash payment system, with the possibility of publishing a virtual MasterCard. Inside the wallet, instant money transfers will be made without a commission!

Modules for financial institutions
ZONTO with EU PSD2 payment and introducing directive
Open API ideology with our partners. The directive regulates payment services, key consumer rights, principles of interaction between market participants and lays the groundwork for a completely new financial system in the sense that the old "finish" altogether.


Start date: 14/08/2017
Ended on: 28/08/2017

A total of 200,000 tokens are available in Pre-ICO.
The cost of 1 ZONTO mark in pre-ICO order is equivalent to $ 2
The cost of 1 ZONTO mark in ICO is equivalent to $ 5

Road Map


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