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Nitrogensports.eu review

Range of bets9/10
Customer service9/10

Established: 2013
Located: Costa Rica
Minimum bet: 1 mBTC
Maximum bet: 30,000 mBTC

Nitrogen Sports are one of the top bitcoin sportsbook and that’s not just according to our rankings. By many measurements Nitrogen are the industry leaders with more users, more bets and as good a reputation as anyone else.
Nitrogen also have the best bitcoin dice game (review) and the best bitcoin poker room (review).


Nitrogen have a sleek and modern website with bitcoin logic integrated into everything. Finding and making the bet you want is fast and intuitive. Your current bets, history and cashier are all where you would expect them to be although we would like to see a lifetime profit/loss record.
Everything functions perfectly except for trying to navigate and use multiple tabs which can be problematic. The live community chat is great and adds to the overall fun vibe of the site.
The only let down is their live betting options which are inferior to Sportsbet and Cloudbet.
Nitrogen Sports has the equal best website of all sportsbooks.


50:50 equivalent: 1.93
Nitrogen’s odds are better than average and very consistent.

Range of bets

Range of sports, leagues and events: Huge, the most we have ever seen including things like eSports, chess and table tennis!
Range of bet types per event: Just the standard bet types like money line/match winner, points spread and total points on most games.
Nitrogen Sports has the equal best range of bets of all sportsbooks.


Unique deposit addresses: Available.
Confirmations before bet: 1.
Withdrawal time: 10 minutes.
Player to player transfer: Available.

Customer service

Customer service channels available: Excellent on site ticketing system or email. No live chat customer service although you can usually get some help in the community chat or through Nitrogen's social media accounts.
Speed of replies: 30 minutes or less via on site ticketing system.
Accuracy of replies: Very good, support staff are well trained and knowledgeable.

Real life customer service test

Question: I am trying to understand your esports markets. If a CSGO event has handicaps of 2.5 and betting for over/under 26.5; thats 26.5 whats? Is it points or kills or gold or maps? What is that number counting?
The point spread levels the playing field, making betting on either the favourite or the underdog equally attractive. Either the favourite has to win by the margin listed, or the underdog has a buffer to lose the game by that margin, or win it outright. In the case of -2.5, if it's a spread/ total in CS:GO it can refer to individual maps as well as the final score in a “best of” CS:GO matchup. If you see as an example Dignitas +2.5 it may refer to the score of the match at the end of Map 2 and not the overall score in a "best of three" matchup. If it's a total 26.5 it means going over/under 26.5 kills for an individual map. An example could be Dignitas vs Astralis (map1 over/under 26.5 total kills).
Notes: This answer is too long and rambling. They did get around to answering my question accurately right at the end, 26.5 refers to the number of kills in a map. I like a thorough response but in this case all the extra info more confusing than clarifying.
Nitrogen Sports has the equal best customer service of all sportsbooks.

Privacy and security

Information required at signup: None, not even an email address.
2 factor authentication: Available.


Sign up from this site to get access to an exclusive 300 mBTC poker freeroll every week!
Each month the parlay jackpot gives about ฿30 bonuses to the players with the top 21 highest parlay payouts. There are always other competitions and promotions happening around big sports events, for example there is a great NFL survivor pool with no fees or commission.


If you want to bet with bitcoin you want an account at Nitrogen. The high all-round quality makes it one of the best sportsbooks in the world. All the more so if you also enjoy poker or dice which Nitrogen excel at.
Nitrogen are an integral part of the bitcoin gambling community, openly interacting with players on social media and running cool promotions.
The only reason not to join Nitrogen would be if you mostly want to do live betting.
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