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Sportsbet.io review

As one of the leading Bitcoin sportsbooks, Sportsbet.io is a very safe and secure place to bet on your favourite sporting events. Curiously enough, this sportsbook is still relatively new, so its rapid rise in popularity is something to marvel at. They cover all of the main sporting events, and of course, by allowing players to deposit and withdraw via Bitcoins, they offer total anonymity as well as security. Sportsbet.io is the official betting partner of BitCasino.io, and they also offer casino, and live betting services as well as typical sports bets.

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  • Betting on sports
The markets you have open to you at Sportsbet.io include the most popular sporting events from across the globe. At present, major football tournaments such as the Euro 2016 tournament are hugely popular, as are the NBA, MLB, and e-sport markets. Players can also interact with a number of other sports betting markets including Aussie Rules, basketball, baseball, cricket, handball, motor sports, rugby league, soccer, and men’s and women’s tennis. Other events such as the returning American football season, and the Olympics will also appear when those events start.
Players can choose from outright bets, live sports betting, and individual bets on specific matches and games at this sportsbook. Odds appear decimalised at Sportsbet.io, but American and fractional odds can be used if you prefer.
  • Depositing and withdrawing
Sportsbet.io is fully licensed out of Curacao, so you needn’t worry about authenticity, and safety. Their fully secure sportsbook allows players to deposit, place bets, and withdraw using Bitcoins. One of the perks concerning Bitcoins is that they offer complete anonymity. This means that players residing in countries and regions which wouldn’t normally permit sports betting, aren’t going to be a hindered from placing bets at this online bookie.
  • Promotions and bonuses
Sportsbet.io is a slightly more professional online sportsbook than other websites, so don’t expect a flurry of promotions to flood your inbox anytime soon. That is not to say that Sportsbet.io doesn’t carry any bonuses and promotions, merely that they are limited in terms of what they do offer.
You can find deals relating to specific markets, games or events at their sportsbook, under the “latest promos” header. When an offer does appear, it is usually quite restrictive in terms of how long you have to claim the deal. With that in mind, if you like promotions and bonuses, snap them up whilst they are there, because they are quite rare.
  • Obtaining assistance
Sportsbet.io does offer customer support to players, but there are two means of obtaining it. On the one hand, you could send an e-mail to their support team for assistance. This can take a bit of time to receive a reply, though. Instead, it is far easier to contact them via their live chat app, which is available around the clock and provides you with fast, and helpful assistance.
  • Final thoughts
If you are looking for a more professional sportsbook where you can use your Bitcoins, then Sportsbet.io is ideal. They offer no-nonsense bonuses, as well as quality Bitcoin bets on all your favourite sport events, from a safe and secure domain. If you consider yourself a sports betting pro, you can’t ask for more, really.


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