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Kingdice.com Review

KingDice.Com Review 

There are numerous bitcoin-based dice sites available on the market yet there are subtle differences between most of them, which is why gamblers can sometimes find choosing the perfect dice casino difficult.
Kingdice is a new bitcoin-based dice site which has gained a huge trust in a short period of time.
Unlike other site where you need to register and then verify to roll a dice, Kingdice adds a hassle free registration, simply put your desired username and you are good to roll your dice.

Probabily Fair: 

To stay ahead of other casinos on the market, KingDice also offers an industry-standard provably fair algorithm. Therefore, before you make a roll, the platform will show some information on the upcoming roll. This data can then be used in order to verify whether the outcome of your roll has been tempered with by the server, or a third party. Just like many other provably fair algorithms, this one is also based on the server hash and seed, alongside with the client seed and server roll.


To claim free bitcoins,balance must be less than 0.00000100 BTC . Unlike other casino you will get a amount of 500 satoshis.
The house edge is quite low, situated at only 1%, therefore you’ll be able to get most of the winnings. In terms of deposits, these are credited after receiving one confirmation, whereas withdrawals are processed instantly.
On the betting page, users can choose to see their bets, all bets, high rollers, but also the leader boards. There are also quick commands meant to make betting a bit easier, such as betting ½ of the current threshold, x2, or even all the funds you have, at the click of a button.

Regular Contests:

KingDice also has a monthly wager contest, often offering prizes of around 1 bitcoin, which is awesome. There are a couple of rules involved, yet the process is straight-forward.
General Info
You just have to wager wager wager. Places from 1-3 win the following prizes! 
Top 3 Prizes
1st: 0.80฿
2nd: 0.20฿
3rd: 0.10฿

* NEW * The sooner you wager, the more it counts:
First 10 days Wagers will count +15% more.
Next 10 days will get 10% extra wagers.

Last 10 days no extra bonus will be given.

Investment in KingDice.com:

In case you’re looking for a casino to invest in, then this is also possible, as KingDice offers an investment option, thus offering those who are interest bankroll shares, or better said, a percentage of the total profit being made by users. There are of course, a couple of risks involved with this, one of the main being the fact that KingDice is still fairly new on the market, yet if you can overcome this and you’re also a bit lucky, you may be able to get a fairly good profit.

Earning from Affiliates:

Yeah, Kingdice provides an opportunity to be a part of them and promote them and in return you can earn money as affiliates earning.
The standard commission rate of the Kingdice affiliate program is 10%. Kingdice also aims to reward affiliates who can drive a lot of traffic to the site and start to play dice. If you want to negotiate a better commission rate, you can get in touch with a Kingdice representative. Affiliates whose websites have higher traffic can earn up to 30% of Kingdice’s house edge.

Kingdice.com in a NutShell:


Total: 5/5

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